Education in the form of conferences, which are delivered in the form of lectures and panel discussions, help participants to improve their knowledge in communal areas and to exchange experiences with their industry colleagues.


PARKON – Parking & Smartcity Konferencija ima za cilj da artikuliše aktuelne informacije u ovoj oblasti, kao i promociju same delatnosti parkiranja. Konferencija svojim radom, kroz predavanja i tribine, aktealizuje probleme vezane za parkiranje i aktivno učestvuje u realizaciji i predlaganju određenih zakonodavnih normi koje se tiču parking delatnosti. Pre svega se ovo odnosi na Zakon o bezbednosti u saobraćaju, Zakon o komunalnim delatnostima, kao i na Zakon koji se odnosi na javno privatno partnerstvo.

Ideja PARKON Konferencije je da uveže sve one delatnosti i privredne grane koje imaju bliskosti sa osnovnom delatnošću, od proizvođača znakova, preko softvera, naučnih radnika, do proizvođača specijalnih vozila, dodatne opreme i sl.

The conference is a place where certain experiences are exchanged and exchanged, as well as a place where business related activities are negotiated.

With its serious organization and current topics, the Conference gathers more and more participants, as well as an increasing number of interested sponsors who see themselves as part of the overall and very well-networked story about parking and all industries that rely on this activity.

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The conference brings together experts and all interested waste management companies, including both the public and private sectors. Renowned lecturers, topical topics, presentations of the latest technologies and solutions in the field of waste disposal and recycling are attracting an increasing number of participants each year not only from Serbia, but from all over the region.

The ASWA Conference aims to advance knowledge of modern technologies in waste treatment and management and thus raise waste management in Serbia to a significantly higher level, while meeting all relevant standards.

Our goal is the personal and professional development of participants, the exchange of experience with colleagues and partners from the country and abroad and the development of new ideas in the waste management industry.

The program is not limited to lectures, but traditionally we offer rich content that includes informal socializing and team-building.

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